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What a U.S President said about motherhood!

Dear Mothers and Families,

Oh how fast the devil works in accomplishing his agenda. Motherhood use to be a “Proud Profession”, but now it’s all about women’s career. President Roosevelt on March 10, 1908, which is not that long ago when you are my age, had this to say about the beauty of motherhood:

“No life of self-indulgence, of mere empty pleasure, can possibly, even in the one point of pleasure itself, yield so ample a reward as comes to the mother at the cost of self-denial, of effort, of suffering in childbirth, of the long, slow, patience-trying work of bringing up the children aright. No scheme of education, no social attitude, can be right unless it is based fundamentally upon the recognition of the necessity of seeing that the girl is trained to understand the supreme dignity, the supreme usefulness of motherhood. Unless she bears a sufficient number of children, so that the race shall increase, and not decrease, unless she brings up these children sound in soul and mind and body – unless this is true of the average woman, no brilliancy of genius, no material prosperity, no triumphs of science and industry, will avail to save the race from ruin and death. The mother is the one supreme asset of national life; she is more important by far than the successful statesman or business man or artist or scientist.

There are exceptional women, there are exceptional men, who have other tasks to perform in addition to, but not a substitution for, the task of motherhood and fatherhood, the task of providing the home and of keeping it. But it is the tasks connected with the home that are the fundamental tasks of humanity. After all, we can get along for the time being with an inferior quality of success in other lines, political, or business, or of any kind; because if there are failings in such matters we can make them good in the next generation; but if the mother does not do her duty, there will rather be no next generation, or a next generation that is worse than none at all. In other words, the right kind of home life. Such a life is not only the supreme duty, but also the supreme reward of duty. Every rightly constituted woman or man, if she or he is worth her or his salt, must feel that there is no such ample reward to be found anywhere in life as the reward of children, the reward of a happy family life. (This is the way America use to believe and live before the communist infiltrated our schools and our Church.)

And Rosie shares her thoughts on this same subject: Remember motherhood was God’s plan for women, not men. We all forget that motherhood is the norm and a career is abnormal. Some are compromising and urging our good high school girls to colleges and careers. Mother Teresa’s words are so enduring to our times when she said that, “God calls us to be faithful, not successful.” Anyone who wishes to debate Mother’s words should pray to God for grace and insight to understand these words of wisdom. These words are especially true for the mothers of our day and time. Many mothers are so wrapped up in the “media success” of these times that they see nothing wrong with going out to work. Very few mothers “have” to work outside the home and it is to the detriment of family life. (I’m Woman by Rosie, pg.12)

God bless you, - Robert Gil

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