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The Story of a Mother Who Exalted The Vocation of Motherhood

"Rosie knew that motherhood was the highest vocation for a woman, and she gave all her heart to that vocation. This story of her life is a creative and inspirational-handbook-for Christian mothers everywhere"

It is the good and loving mother in the home who lives her life for Him and hopes and   prays she will one day stand before God and   hear him say, 'Well done my good and  faithful servant'"   
-Rosie Gil


Rosie Magazine

A companion magazine to See You in Heaven book. This beautiful magazine is a continued reflection on the beauty and importance of motherhood. This magazine is designed to delight and inspire mothers, single ladies and teenage daughters. It has been highly praised and enjoyed by mothers throughout America.

Rosie Magazine is issued quarterly so as to cover our four beautiful seasons and the liturgical year.



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See You in Heaven

The Story of a Mother who Exalted The Vocation of Motherhood. The life and writing of Rosie Gil. Foreword by Joseph Pearce, introduction. by Fr. Angelus Shaughnessy OFM CAP.
Endorsed by Dale Ahlquist.
A book of ideas and advice for the spirituality of a Catholic home.


Tambien disponible en Español



Rosie's Lessons in Child Training

An inspiring expression of the beauty and importance of traditional motherhood. By Rosie Gil



I'm Woman

The spirit behind every page in this little book is to encourage and facilitate the guiding and training of children for a happier childhood, family and life. By Rosie Gil


A Little Story About Little Rosie

A sweet little story and coloring book to encourage little girls to be mothers and homemakersBy Maria Thompson



Bringing Advent Home

born  from a program given by Father Fidelis, back in 1972, when Rosie Gil was a young, newly married woman. Through the years that followed Rosie typed these little cherished customs into book form, so that they could be preserved and shared in her home. From then on not an advent went by without these traditions being the center of her advent home. We shape our dwellings, and afterward our dwellings shape us!

Rosie's reflections on the Beauty of  Motherhood

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